About the Joy Restart Online Course

The Joy Restart Online Course

The Joy Restart Project is offering a 5-week online teaching series to help Christians experience more joy with God and others. The weekly sessions will be 60-minutes, focused on presenting new information about what joy is, how it affects our relationships, how we keep it and share it, and how it propels our spiritual journey. 

David Carolan will host the course and lead the teaching along with four experts that have authored books about joy and transformation, counseled others regarding it, and formed discipleship programs around it. Weekly discussion groups allow for interaction about the topics.

Who teaches the course?

Dr. David B. Carolan   David helps people discover joy while conducting research on how joy helps catalyze spiritual formation and discipleship.

His research and teaching on joy (and rejoicing) are based upon the biblical record and its terms, Christian history, writings of theologians, and neuroscience and its proof of biblical accuracy.

He leverages his years of pastoral care situations deploying the Life/Maturity and Intimacy Counseling Models and almost 30 years in executive leadership and coaching. As a pastor and advisor, he provides insights into how love and joy are two priorities of God for Christian flourishing.

Is this class right for me?

Whether you are just starting your Christian journey, trying to restart it, or are a seasoned saint we have something for you! The work we will do in the class and the related homework will help you learn about and experience joy wherever you find yourself in life. 

Did you know that about 80% of all books are repeating the same concepts? We are sure that this course will present “new” information that you can use right away to bring useful changes in how you perceive the Lord, His work in you, and around you. 

The class has a special emphasis on hearing God, experiencing relationships in healthy ways, and finding the motivation to give and receive God’s love. All this revolves around joyfulness in you and expressing it to others.


What’s in the five weeks?

The 60-minute weekly, online discussion sessions supplement short lectures, expert interviews, and joy skills demonstrations that participants experience at their own pace. Additional resources will be provided to allow you to learn more on your own while building joy with the exercises demonstrated in class. 

The list of topics we will cover are: 

• The Joy and Transformation Report
• Experiencing Joy
• How brain science studies confirm joy
• Hearing God
• Returning to Joy
• Seeing others in new ways
• Clarifying the virtuous life
• Understanding suffering
• Unique ways people experience God
• New motivations for discipleship

Our Joy Experts

David Carolan hosts and teaches the course along with four experts that have authored books about joy and transformation, counseled others regarding it, and formed discipleship programs around it.

Dr. Marcus Warner


Deeper Walk International 

Joy and Truth

Leslie Bley, LPC

Enneagram Consultant 

Enneagram Counseling

Joy and Provision in Suffering

Michael Hendricks

Director of Consulting 

Life Model Works 

Joy and Discipleship

Terri Snead

Training and Resource Specialist 

Intimate Life Ministries 

Relational Gratitude and Joy


Courses are available every 6 weeks throughout the year, excluding holidays. 

To join a class, complete the Joy and Transformation Assessment to receive an invitation to the next session.


The presentations will be recorded. However, assignments build upon each other each week. To get the most out of the course, consistent weekly attendance is highly encouraged.


CONTACT: David Carolan  



Won’t You Join Us?

Start by taking the assessment and receive your personalized report by email. Your individualized report will cover topics such as your joyfulness, relational needs, preferred spiritual paths, learning styles, and much more. 

Upon receiving your report, we’ll provide instructions on how to join the 5-week class which will meet online for just one hour per week.