For Churches


Empower your members with skills to lead a joyful life for stronger connections

Assessing and training

Let us help you assess and try train your members in the joyful life that will spur them on to greater capacity to live, love, and serve. Our resources will supplement your discipleship and formation paths with encouragement to attendees to see, understand, and experience motivational joy. We will tailor make our core course around your existing programs, help you find the right participants to join the online 5-week course, and report our results to senior leadership.

We offer a consultation with you prior to any commitments on your part. Our post-course report gives you detailed information of the pulse of joy and motivation to purse spiritual growth by your congregation. We protect the privacy of the participants’ assessment results, attendance, and activities while providing church leadership with anonymized consolidated results. Based on the findings, we’ll suggest additional next steps and support you by being a prayerful resource.


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