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As dedicated pastors and ministry leaders, you carry the incredible weight of nurturing and guiding your ministry. Discipleship, while a joyous calling, can often be filled with complex challenges such as:

  • Church Expansion: Your church is expanding and struggling to keep up with growth, straining the staff and making it difficult to serve new members.
  • Limited Involvement: Fast-paced lifestyles and low interest in the programs have led to limited involvement, leaving members feeling disconnected.
  • Dwindling Engagement: Many church members limit their involvement to attending Sunday services or occasional holiday services.
  • External Pressures: Economic and political problems affecting your church have increased the levels of fear and loneliness among your members.
  • Internal Frustrations: Despite numerous attempts to solve member problems, you still haven’t seen any results. The disappointment in discipleship efforts has crushed the hopes of your ministry team.

Do any of these hit close to home?  If so, take heart! As scripture reminds us, “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” Imagine harnessing that strength in your ministry, creating a ripple effect of joy that touches every heart in your church.

Why is joy so important? Because the love of God that drives joy has the power to transform people. According to joy expert Jim Wilder, “Character change is best developed and maintained in joyful relationships.” Thus, joy is not just about feeling good, it’s about having good relationships!

So, if joy comes from our connections with others, and these joyful relationships are key to building and shaping character, we must learn the skills, habits, and practices that lead to joyful people! This ultimately leads to stronger discipleship, deeper connections, and overcoming challenges in ministry with grace and ease.

In my 30 years of working with churches, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of joyful discipleship firsthand. And I’m here to tell you that with the right tools and support, it’s not only a possibility, it’s your God-given destiny!

Watch a video excerpt on joy from dr. david carolan’s interview with Michel Hendricks

Michel is the author of The Other Half of Church, an insightful book that sheds light on the challenges churches face in fostering joyful and relational communities.

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Ready to get started? My low-obligation resources are your first step. Dive into Jim Wilder’s ebook “Joy Changes Everything” to find out what experts are saying about joy, or discover your own joy potential with the Joy Restart Assessment. You can access both at no charge in the boxes below.

Want to go even deeper? My personalized coaching and consulting sessions for both individuals and groups give you tailored support. Group coaching utilizes the collaborative power of your ministry team, while individual sessions provide focused guidance. Click the coaching button below to learn more.

Curious about the joy levels in your whole church? First, we need to identify the pulse of joy and motivation for spiritual growth within your ministry. To do this, each member will need to take the Joy Assessment. Privacy is a priority, so all results are totally anonymous. I’ll then share the consolidated results with church leaders. Based on the findings, I’ll suggest additional steps to bring even more joy and growth to your ministry. And here’s the kicker-  the assessment process and follow-up meeting are absolutely free!

Before any commitment, let’s chat! I offer a free consultation to discuss your unique needs and explore how I can best support your church’s transformation. Just click “Get Started Today” at the bottom of the page, complete the form, and let’s begin our journey together.

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