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Taking the Joy Assessment can help you:

Increase Your

Tap into unknown aspects of your joy, helping you understand yourself better.

Foster Meaningful Relationships

Develop new and deeper connections by gaining insights into your relational needs.

Grow Your Emotional
& Spiritual Maturity

Learn new skills to boost emotional and spiritual growth and Christian maturity.

Renew Your
Mind in Christ

Align your thoughts with Jesus by understanding and increasing your capacity for joy.

No matter where you are on your joy journey, our assessment provides deeper understanding, revelation, and actionable insights based on your unique levels, habits, and needs. Upon completion, you will be emailed a personalized, confidential report derived from your responses and the latest research on joy in the lives of Christians.

Ready to discover what shapes your joy?

Introducing the Joy Assessment – a growth tool tailored just for you. With 172 carefully curated questions across three sections, this personalized assessment is your gateway to self-discovery and spiritual development. The assessment is designed to evaluate and measure your:

  • Capacity for Joy: Understand habits and skills that impact your ability to experience joy.
  • Relational Needs: Uncover your God-given needs and how to apply them in relationships.
  • Spiritual Formation: Identify and explore where you are in the four stages of Christian maturity.
  • Faith Traditions and Preferences: Learn about your preferred faith traditions to help you develop your spiritual discipleship.
  • Attachment Styles: Develop stronger connections by learning about your attachment styles.

If you want to cultivate more joy, gain new skills, and draw closer to Christ, take the first step with our Joy Assessment. Start your transformative journey now!

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