For Individuals


We offer a five-week course on joy and spiritual transformation 

This course is aimed at any person seeking spiritual growth and improvement in relating to God and others. The course explains spiritual formation paths including spiritual disciplines and provides skill training on joy based on loving attachments. The course is provided at no cost upon the request of local churches. To enroll, ask your church if it is being offered or complete this form to request more information.

Key Benefits of the Course


Recover Joy

Recovering joy during times of stress, fear, and negative emotions while helping others to do the same.


Increase Joy

Increase joy capacity that will propel you to better relationships and spiritual growth.


Joy-building Skills

Knowledge and experience of joy building skills that be useful for a lifetime and can be transferred to others.


Deeper Connections

Deeper connections with God and others where love is experienced, and healing can take place.


Spiritual Formation

An appreciation for all spiritual formation traditions and the unique spiritual journeys we see others taking.


Positive Attitude

Gaining and keeping a positive attitude toward others as God works in us.

Key Features

A Powerful Assessment

A confidential, pre-enrollment spiritual formation and joy assessment is provided online. You will receive a detailed report by email that includes results and suggestions to be more joyful and grow in your faith. Even if you decide not to take the free course, you will learn about your joy capacity, relational needs, levels of maturity, motivations, and learning styles.

Expert Insights

5 one-hour online lectures led by a Joy Restart host and expert guests will provide insights, additional concepts and resources, and specific examples of how you can grow your joy and be more joyful. Each week, we will lead you through joy-building skills training to practice at home. 

Measure Your Success

A post-course survey will allow you consider your own next steps in spiritual growth and your joyful journey. The course is designed for you to work independently (or with a friend or loved one) as you experience the joy concepts from our lectures, videos, and reading material.

Take the next steps in finding Joy!