We offer life coaching sessions focused on joy, chrisitan identity, and action.

A series of one-hour sessions is aimed at helping develop positive emotions, thinking, and actions around intimacy with God and others. Using the ETA Coaching Method, a customized program is implemented to help you reach your goals. With a Spirit-enriched mind and heart, you will be better able to find God's purposes and joys no matter the challenges you may face. To find out if life coaching is right for you, sign up a complementary 30-minute session.


Key Benefits of Coaching


Recover Joy

Recovering joy during times of stress, fear, and negative emotions in a highly interactive setting with your coach.


Increase Joy

Increase joy capacity that will propel you to better relationships and spiritual growth.


Joy-building Skills

Knowledge and experience of joy building skills that be useful for a lifetime and can be transferred to others.


Deeper Connections

Deeper connections with God and others where love is experienced, and healing can take place.


Resolve Issues

Work on transformative thinking to reflect your identity in Christ instead of remaining in old patterns that lead to loss and hurt.


Set and Acheive Positive Goals

Gaining and keeping a positive attitude toward others as God works in us.

Key Features

Powerful Assessments

Your coach will use a series of short assessments to help determine areas to work on during your sessions. These surveys cover topics such as patterns of thinking, learning styles, relational needs, and levels of joy. Together, they help you understand yourself and how to change and grow.

Insights from Experts

A certified coach leads you along with expert advice from those trained to improve your emotions, thinkng, and actions  Not only will you receive key insights, but you will also be encouraged to put those into practice each week.

Measure Your Success

Together with your coach, you will consider your own next steps in spiritual growth and your joyful journey. The program is designed to demonstrate the improvements made against your goals with strong emphasis on Christlike character and healthy relationships.

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