The Joyous Coach

Joyous Coach

Let His Light Shine
Through In Every
Coaching Session


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Are you ready to transform your coaching practice with JOY?

Then this is the book for you!


Strengthen Coach-Client Connections

Create a joyful atmosphere that deepens your connections with clients.


Inspire Positive Change

Help clients reach goals and face challenges with a new, more positive perspective.


Revitalize Your Techniques

Incorporate refreshing new strategies into your approach for enhanced client engagement.


Advance Personal Growth

Foster joy and positivity not just in your coaching practice, but also within yourself.

So what’s it all about?

Joyous Coach is a groundbreaking guide that empowers you to put a surge of joy into every aspect of your coaching practice, making a greater impact on both you and your clients.

Whether you are a new or experienced coach, you will find value in this book. Dr. David Carolan delivers profound wisdom and information based on years of research and experience in the brain science of joy, offering a fresh perspective for coaches at any stage in their career. Reading this book, you will gain a deeper understanding about topics such as…

  • Challenges in the coaching community
  • Barriers that hinder coaches like you from establishing deeper connections with your clients
  • The art of remaining fearless
  • Strategies for incorporating joy into each of your coaching techniques
  • Instilling a joyful attitude in every client
  • How to make the most out of each coaching session

Dr. David Carolan

Executive / Author / Teacher

Dr. David Carolan has 30+ years experience in executive leadership and finance. When not building thriving businesses, David uses brain-friendly, joy-building practices to help people understand and grow joyfulness towards God and others.

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