The Great Commandment Principle

The Great Commandment Principle

By: Dr. David Ferguson

How relevant is the modern-day church to hurting and needy people?

How effective are today’s followers of Jesus in meeting the real needs of people?

The Great Commandment Principle reveals a first-century truth for a twenty first-century culture— a simple but profound way of relating to God and others that will restore great relevance to the church while deepening your personal relationships with others. A community of Jesus-followers should be a center of healing and wholeness:

  • A community where broken people can find healing.
  • A community where people experience Great Commandment love and are never alone.
  • A community where Jesus followers actually do the Bible.
  • A community where transformation is real and witness is a lifestyle.The Great Commandment Principle provides a Biblical priority for ministry and relationships that can forever change the way you relate to God, the way you love those closest to you, and the way you do ministry.In this book, learn how you, your family and church can:
  • Discover ten vital relational needs common to everyone.
  • Understand how to practically meet people’s real relational needs.
  • Become a loving and compassionate community.
  • Live out a Spirit-empowered faith of imparting the life and love of Jesus.“Most of us have read too many books, attended too many meetings and gone through too many courses only to conclude: We’re still unchanged, know we are unchanged and the people in our lives can see that we are unchanged. It is time to trust God for something different…a movement of Spirit-empowered transformation.” Dr. David Ferguson, The Great Commandment Network

About the Author

Dr. David and Teresa Ferguson have shared a biblical message of health and relevance for more than 25 years. Their passion for seeing the Great Commandment of loving God and loving others lived out among God’s people has led them to impact thousands of ministers and their laity. As co-directors of Great Commandment Network, they direct a multidisciplinary team that serves more than 35,000 churches in the United States and abroad with training and resources through the strategic partners involved in the Great Commandment Network of denominations, movements, and ministries.

David has an M.Ed. from Texas State University and two doctoral degrees from Oxford Graduate School. He is a member of the Oxford Society of Scholars.

David and Teresa have been married for more than 40 years and have co-authored several books and numerous articles. They reside in Austin, Texas, and have three adult children and six grandchildren.

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