The Joy Group Course Cohort

The Joy Group Course Cohort

If you want to become a more joyful leader while growing closer to Christ, then this is the course for you!

The Joy Restart 6-week customized Joy Group Course is a transformative teaching series designed to elevate the emotional and spiritual maturity of Christian leaders. Guided by your experienced instructor, each session focuses on the development of leadership and maturity through the understanding and practice of relational skills, overcoming obstacles to being authentically you, emotional responses, and navigating hardships with joy. Based on the book Rare Leadership by Jim Wilder and Marcus Warner, concepts from this course can be applied to everyday life for personal and professional growth in Christ.

Meetings are held every other week and feature live sessions, realtime walkthrough of materials, and interactive assignments customized to equip Christian leaders. Throughout this course, you can expect engaging lessons, complete with comprehensive PowerPoint slides, homework assignments, and supplementary materials. Upon completing the course, you’ll gain exclusive access to all teaching materials that will continue to inspire and guide you on your journey.


Who teaches this course? 

Dr. David B. Carolan David helps people discover joy while conducting research on how joy helps catalyze spiritual formation and discipleship. 

His research and teaching on joy (and rejoicing) are based upon the biblical record and its terms, Christian history, writings of theologians, and neuroscience and its proof of biblical accuracy.

He leverages his years of pastoral care situations deploying the Life/Maturity and Intimacy Counseling Models and almost 30 years in executive leadership and coaching. As a pastor and advisor, he provides insights into how love and joy are two priorities of God for Christian flourishing.

Is this class right for me?

Whether you are a ministry leader, life coach, caregiver, or an individual aspiring to improve your leadership skills, this course offers valuable learning tailored just for you. The work within the class, along with the associated assignments, are designed to empower you as a joyful and impactful leader.

The course focuses primarily on developing leadership and maturity, fostering strong relational skills, recognizing facilitators and overcoming hindrances to self-expression, understanding emotional responses, and enduring hardships with joy. Each topic emphasizes the principles of leading, living, and overcoming with joy.

What’s in the six weeks?

The 60-minute bi-weekly online discussion sessions include an interactive analysis of content and guided practice skill demonstrations with your instructor. Additional homework assignments and resources are provided after each session, allowing you to apply skills learned in class to your daily life.

The list of topics we will cover are:

• Start with Joy
• Remain Relational
• Act Like Yourself
• Return to Joy
• Return to Joyful Maturity
• Endure Hardship Well


Next classes 

 February 2024


Lectures are recorded and online video conferences are optional. However, assigments build upon each other each week. 

To get the most of the course consistent weekly attendance is highly encouraged.


CONTACT: David Carolan

(404) 500-7050

Won’t You Join Us?

Join us by taking the assessment and receive your personalized report by email. Your individualized report will cover topics such as your joyfulness, relational needs, preferred spiritual paths, learning styles, and much more. 

Upon receiving your report, we’ll provide instructions on how to join the 6-week class which will meet online for just one hour every other week.