Mt. Zion Baptist Church – Get Joy

Where does joy come from? How do I get it and keep it? What is spiritual formation, sanctification, and discipleship?

Whether you are new to the Christian journey or a seasoned veteran within your church, joy and transformation go hand in hand. On behalf of your church, The Joy Restart Project invites you to explore these topics with us. Over the next few weeks, we are offering to journey with you as you start out 2021 with key resources you need to thrive, not just survive.

As part of a study to learn how joyfulness impacts our spiritual lives, I am providing a self-assessment and online course to help you be a more joyful, powerful, and loving person in 2021. I call it “The Joy Restart Project” because my own experience with joy had been for many years that joy is elusive, poorly defined, and somehow un-relatable to our spiritual journeys. Restarting joy is vital to a full and meaningful life in Christ.

Getting joy back in our relationship with God and others seems to be a good priority. Joy plays a key role in fulfilling the command to love God and others with all our hearts—joyful hearts, that is!

Won’t you join us by taking the assessment and receive your personalized report by email? Your individualized report will cover topics such as your joyfulness, relational needs, preferred spiritual paths, learning styles, and much more.  Upon receiving your report, we’ll provide instructions on how to join the 5-week class which will meet online for just one hour per week starting the evening of February 23rd.    Signup

David B. Carolan
The Joy Restart Project